Argie Manolis was at the Stevens County Courthouse to accept an award for outstanding foster care, which she won along with Tara Gromatka for providing a safe haven to 13 children in the past three years. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Morris residents Argie Manolis and Tara Gromatka received an award for Outstanding Foster Care at yesterday’s meeting of the Stevens County Board of Commissioners. The County applied for the award on their behalf to the Minnesota Social Services Association. Stevens County’s Ann Streed read a statement at the meeting on why the couple was receiving the award, noting that they have provided quality care for 13 children of all ages in the past three years.

“In spite of experiencing heart-breaking situations, they accept the agency’s call with just a moment’s notice — literally — for the next child or children who need a safe and secure place,” read Streed. “They have room in their hearts and have made room in their home for each child, whether he or she is there for a weekend or — in one case — a lifetime through adoption.”

Streed also noted that Manolis and Gromatka make it a priority to create experiences that are unique to each child under their care. She also quoted the two as saying they enjoy watching the children learn coping skills and being positive role models.


In other County news, the Board approved the hiring of Luke Crawford as a Sheriff’s Deputy.


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