Jordan Staples with the Morris Hockey Association is helping to raise funds for improvements to the Lee Community Center. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Jordan Staples is with the Morris Hockey Association and is heading up the fundraising efforts for the Lee Community Center Capital Improvement Project. He stopped by the KMRS Community Connection to explain that they have made some positive efforts in the first part of their campaign.

“We’ve got donations/pledges of about $100,000 throughout the community and Hockey Association fundraisers,” said Staples. “So that’s awesome, we appreciate the support and everyone who donated thus far. We’re looking at starting one project this winter. We’re finalizing quotes for the dehumidification system and trying to move forward with that.”

Besdies dehumidification, Staples said they want to re-skid the boards along the hockey rink, and the refrigeration system will need a mandatory update soon. They’re hoping to raise another $150,000 for those projects. Stevens County will be fixing up the roof and doors of the Center in a separate project that has already been budgeted.


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