Morris School Board Member Anthony Ekren. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Morris School Board member Anthony Ekren recently returned from Germany, where he was part of a delegation of Minnesotans – including a half dozen from Morris – to tour green energy initiatives and environmental sustainability efforts. Ekren spent most of his time in Morris’ sister city of Saerbeck (pronounced zour – rhymes with sour – beck) and made a presentation Monday night before the School Board on his trip. He said he learned a lot about the Morris Model, as well as how they do things differently in Germany.

“Over and over again we kept learning that they have a resource and they’re maximizing that resource to its fullest potential,” said Ekren. “So, it was exciting for me to learn about.”

The trip included tours of Saerbeck’s Energy Park, local farms, manufacturing plants and schools. Ekren was also excited at the initiative being funded by the German government to bring 10 high school students from Morris to Germany for two weeks this summer to study sustainability issues with 10 peers from Saerbeck as well as another 10 students from their other sister city, Fukushima, Japan. The trip will be designed for students aged 16-18 and will cost in the neighborhood of $300, which would include airfare and lodging in a hostel for two weeks.


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