Skateboarders Jaden Alderson (center) and Drake Schmidt (right), accompanied by adult Louis Folkman (left) asked the Morris City Council earlier this month to make repairs to the Skate Park on the west side of town. This week the City announced they are in the process of making the repairs. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

In the latest City Manager Report which was presented to the Morris City Council at their Tuesday meeting, Blaine Hill wrote that the Public Works Department has ordered new skate armor mat and will be fixing areas that need repair at the city’s Skate Board Park on the west side of town. At their last meeting, two students brought the problematic areas to the attention of the Council, citing them as a safety concern.


WSN is conducting a sidewalk study of the city, as well as two handicapped accessibility studies. One study was for street corners, and one was for buildings and parks.


The Tourism Board recently met and decided to make Prairie Pioneer Days a one-day event on September 12, 2020. The City of Morris will continue to provide support to the event. There is still a plan to have fireworks that evening, and a parade that day. Ribfest will separate from Prairie Pioneer Days and become a separate event on a different day.


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