Sandeep Kotala is the new Sustainability Project Coordinator for the City of Morris, a position funded through a grant for the next 2-1/2 years. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Morris City Council got a chance to meet the city’s new Sustainability Project Coordinator at their meeting this week, and he also dropped by the KMRS studios. Sandeep Kotala is a native of India who has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and just completed a master’s degree in sustainability at the University of South Florida. He told the KMRS Community Connection about some of his background and what he hopes to work on in his two and a half year position in Morris.

“I also worked with the City of Tampa Recycling Department. Hopefully, I’ll be working with the organic recycling here in Morris,” said Kotala. “Also, with the multi-modal transportation with the Manatee County back in Florida. So, I helped them develop the bikeability and pedestrian facilities around the County (and kept asking) what are the methods we could improve the facilities that are available.”

His position was made possible when the state approved grant money during its last legislative session. Kotala will also be working on getting solar panels on more City buildings and increasing the number of bike paths.


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