Saerbeck, Germany Project Manager Guido Wallraven speaks to the Morris City Council. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At this week’s meeting of the Morris City Council, a visiting German dignitary told the Council members that city officials in Morris’ sister city of Saerbeck are already discussing ways in which they can develop more personal interactions between farmers in the two cities.

“They already asked me, ‘Why can’t we try to think about having an exchange with people — farmers to farmers , people to people. Maybe we can think about these things…(and work on it). It would bring Morris and Saerbeck much more together than we did in the last years.”

Guido Wallraven is a project manager for the city of Saerbeck visiting Minnesota this week. He has also been promoting the upcoming sustainability summer camp initiative in Germany that hopes to bring 10 Morris high school students to Saerbeck for a subsidized trip to work on an actual green energy project in Germany for two weeks.


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