Morris School Board Member Mike Odello (l), Saerbeck Project Manager Guido Wallraven from Germany (c), and U of M Morris Office of Sustainability Director Troy Goodnough (r). (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Morris School Board member Mike Odello was one of a half dozen Morris residents who recently traveled to German as part of a Minnesota delegation to learn about that country’s green energy initiatives and sustainability efforts. While most of his time was spent in Morris’ sister city of Saerbeck, Odello told the KMRS Community Connection that he also visited the bike-friendly city of Munster, and was amazed at the difference in biking culture than what he’s used to in America.

“I saw a number of people riding bikes to and from, because they’re riding all over the place,” said Odello. “But the amount of people I saw riding a bicycle with a cane strapped to the back, so that when they stopped they could walk with their cane. But they were riding bikes and brought a cane with them! It was amazing. That’s how strong it’s prioritized over there. It’s just completely different.”

Odello also had a chance to visit schools in Saerbeck and talk with students, as well as the city’s famed Energy Park, local farms and a manufacturing plant.


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