Officer Anita Liebl with the Morris Police Department. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Officer Anita Liebl of the Morris Police Department offered some Halloween safety tips on the KMRS Early Morning Show. Have your trick-or-treater be part of a group, wear something that’s visible in the dark, wear shoes that fit, and stay away from costumes that are so long they can cause tripping, she said. And, because the weather will make for a chilly night…

“Make sure they’re dressed warm. Make sure that the costumes — if they’re really dark costumes — they have some kind of reflective tape or those bike flasher lights that blink,” said Liebl. “Maybe put those on the costume. I have seen kids wear those before, so they’ve very visible at night.”

Officer Liebl also stressed that drivers going out tonight should use extra caution, watch for children, and slow down around town.


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