The mean temperature for October was 42.0°F, which was 4.8 °F below average, according to weather researchers at the West Central Research and Outreach Center in Morris. The high temperature for the month was 81°F on October 1. The low temperature for the month was 16°F which occurred on October 31. The highest temperature ever recorded in October at the WCROC was 93°F on October 5, 1947.  The lowest temperature recorded historically was 1°F which occurred on October 29, 1895.

Precipitation for the month totaled 3.02 inches, which is 1.16 inches above average. Three records were broken for precipitation in October. On October 11, 0.57 inches of precipitation was recorded which broke the old record of .053 set in 1983. The next day 2.1 inches of snow was recorded which broke the old record of 1.8 recorded in 1898. The third record broken was on October 22 when 0.96 inches of rain fell. The previous record was set in 1918 with 0.5 inches.

Killing frost (below 28°F) was recorded on October 14, however, snow and long durations of temperatures below freezing but above 28 °F caused plants to be killed before this date. Heating degree days totaled 714.


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