Assistant Director of Student Activities at the University of Minnesota Morris Si`mon Franco. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Student Activities Office of the University of Minnesota Morris recently announced their Performing Arts Series for the academic year, a little later than usual due to an injury with one of the previously scheduled performers that resulted in some late schedule shuffling. But it will kick off 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the Edson Auditorium at the U’s Student Center with Hiplet Ballerinas, a group that combines classical ballet with hip hop elements.

Si`mon Franco is assistant director of student activities at the U of M Morris and told the KMRS Community Connection that the series is designed to bring new experiences to the Morris community.

“An evening of these performances opens a window to the rest of the world, where we usually — in landlocked Morris, Minnesota — having those kind of opportunities to see what is beyond the bounds is amazing,” said Franco.

The season will continue December 6 with a Twin Cities dance troupe ShapeShift, a February 21 performance by New Orleans trombone player David L Harris, and an April 25 performance by the Russian String Orchestra. Tickets are available through the Office of Student Activities or online at


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