Author and New York Times columnist Roxane Gay. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

New York Times columnist and best-selling author of “Bad Feminist,” Roxane Gay, spoke Friday at the Edson Auditorium on the campus of the University of Minnesota Morris. She told the crowd that studying the humanities and learning to think critically was valuable to employers.

“The most important thing to do is to have a well rounded education,” said Gay. “And that means learning from the Humanities, learning from the Social Sciences, learning from the Hard Sciences, and Math. ‘Cause then you start to understand different aspects of the world. You don’t want to ever only know one thing. That just makes you the most boring person at the party!”

She dismissed the notion that only graduates in STEM fields can get good jobs. Gay, who now speaks internationally, started out as a pre-med major in college. She told the students in the audience that nobody cares what your undergraduate major is once you graduate.


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