Dave Hall is Chief Digital Officer for St. Paul-based SharemarQ and one of 150 people in the nation listed as a Microsoft Valued Professional.

In the digital world, the Cloud is playing a bigger role with each passing year, and with it an increasing anxiety about its safety. Dave Hall, Chief Digital Officer for St. Paul-based SharemarQ, told the KMRS Early Morning Show that companies of all sizes are going to have to pay more attention to how they want to utilize the Cloud.

“Everyone has a concern around trust,” said Hall. “If I move my stuff up to the Cloud, will it still be protected? Is it secure? And I can tell you from experience, even working with some of the very large retailing environments and dealing with the big manufacturing companies across globally, that once you put it up into the Cloud, the level of security and the ability for intrusion detection increases in the Cloud — and we’ve seen this happen more and more.”

Hall is one of 150 individuals in the nation designated as a Mircosoft Valued Professional. He said more and more companies are hiring personnel to handle the Cloud aspects of their businesss, as well as beefing up their cybersecurity efforts.


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