Military veterans walk into the Elementary gymnasium in a processional at the start of the ceremonies. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
Each veteran was given a token of appreciation for their service, in the form of a medal placed around their necks. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
Another veteran receives a medal. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
Three members of local law enforcement who are also veterans were in attendance at the ceremonies. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
With the veterans seated, Kindergarteners held up the flag-decorated cards they had made for them. The children presented the vets with the cards after they gave the Pledge of Allegiance. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
The Kindergarten classes led the Pledge of Allegiance. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
Superintendent Troy Ferguson welcomed the veterans and the public to the ceremony. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
Seniors Nicole Gillespie and Austin Berlinger were the emcees for the event. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
University of Minnesota Morris Vice Chancellor for Finance and Facilities Bryan Herrmann also thanked the vets, and noted that the U has a number of students in the military. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
Elementary students sang the patriotic song “Proud to be an American,” and also sang another song with the middle school choirs. Other music was provided by the High School’s upper level choirs and band. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
9th Grader Rachel Steen read her essay about Veterans Day. Also reading an essay was 6th Grader Milla Spike. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese, also a veteran, read a poem. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
Retired Sgt. Doug Anderson was the keynote speaker at the Veterans Day ceremony at Morris Area Elementary School. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
The veterans stood up to be saluted and when the song from their branch of service was played. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
Speakers waiting stageside, including (l to r, front row) Milla Spike, Rachel Steen, Mayor Giese, Bryan Herrmann and Troy Ferguson. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
High School Seniors and members of the National Guard Abram Schmidgall (l) and Lucy Deane (r) served as Color Guard. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
The Color Guard — National Guard members Abram Schmidgall and Lucy Deane — led the recessional out of the gymnasium. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)


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