The Morris City Council (before social distancing). (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Morris City Council, a proposal by KMRS/KKOK radio stations to create a video tour of the new Water Treatment Plant was discussed by Council members. The proposal was made after the Council had decided there would be no public open house for the $18 million facility, built with public funds, because of safety and security concerns.

Council members Kevin Wohlers and Kim Gullickson seemed open to the idea, as did Mayor Sheldon Giese. But City Manager Blaine Hill cited the concern by the plant managers about potential sabotage as the main reason not to publicly display the inner operations of the facility. Hill explained it this way on the KMRS Community Connection:

“Whether or not you want people to know exactly where everything is in the water plant – the doors, the chemical storage areas, those kinds of things, where the water comes in, where it sets,” said Hill “Potentially, it could be a security issue, leaving somebody to come in and do something.”

At the Council meeting, Gullickson had asked why select parts of the plant couldn’t be recorded, without having to film every “nook and cranny.” Hill said what would be on the video is the central question.

Council Member Brian Solvie agreed with Hill’s concerns at the meeting, saying it didn’t make sense to him from a public safety perspective to have public viewings of the water plant.

In the end, the Council did not take any action on any potential videotaping of the facility. Hill later said on the KMRS Community Connection that there may yet be further discussions about the issue. Council members will tour the water plant in the near future.


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