Luke Evenson of Eide Bailly presented the annual financial audit of the Morris School District at the November 18 meeting of the Morris School Board. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

In a presentation at last night’s meeting of the Morris School Board, Luke Evenson of the Eide Bailly auditing firm discussed the finalized audit for the Morris School District. He thanked District Finance Director Jeannie Maanum and her staff for providing organized and understandable financial records that led to the determination of what is termed a “clean” audit.

“Basically, it means the financial statements do not contain any misstatements, they are fairly presented, they are materially accurate, and clear and understandable,” said Evenson. “So, that’s the highest opinion you can receive during an audit. That’s they type of opinion you want to receive.”

The District has cash and investments of $7.6 million, and its Rainy Day funds, food service, debt service and funds for community education were found to all be in a healthy range.


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