The Starbuck Police Department responded to a hunting accident on Sunday just north of Dycast Specialties near the City limits of Starbuck. The victim, 16 year old Jackson Stadsvold called 911 and reported that he accidently shot himself in his foot while he was deer hunting.

Stadsvold had shot at a deer and got out of his blind to track the deer when he tripped over a bush and his 12-guage shotgun fired striking his foot. Stadsvold was able to crawl several yards to a minimum maintenance road just north of Dycast Specialties in Starbuck and apply a tourniquet to his leg while waiting for medical attention.

Once the Starbuck Police Officer arrived in the area, the officer observed Stadsvold crawling and then assisted him to the road as the Starbuck Glacial Ridge Ambulance arrived on scene. Stadsvold was transported to the Glacial Ridge Hospital in the City of Glenwood, and then flown out by helicopter to Hennepin County Medical Center for further medical treatment. Stadsvold is the son of Chris and Stacey Stadsvold of Starbuck.

Assisting with the call were the Starbuck Police Department, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife service.


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