Sara Lam is with the University of Minnesota Morris and will do research on the experiences of diverse student populations in the Morris School District. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At their meeting on Tuesday, the Morris School Board approved a research project that Sara Lam of the University of Minnesota Morris would like to conduct in the school district. Lam, who is with the U’s education training faculty, wants to study the various diverse groups in the district and examine their experiences.

“I know that the School Board has access to a lot of quantitative data about how students from different groups are doing,” said Lam. “And the project that I’m proposing would help to tell the stories behind the numbers because the quantitative data doesn’t always give us the full picture. So, it would show, what are students experiencing, what are families experiencing and what are teachers experiencing behind what those numbers show.”

Lam will conduct her research over the course of the spring semester and will present her findings to the board next fall.


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