Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young

While the Stevens County Board of Commissioners were pleased with the progress the Hancock Community Group has been making to realize their dream of building an event and daycare center on Main Street, County Coordinator Rebecca Young told the KMRS Community Connection that the project still has to be developed within a certain time frame or grant repayments will begin, something the county wants to minimize.

“I’m hoping that we hear some updates on construction timeline. That would be really important,” said Young. “The grant enters into repayment next year, but if we’re making progress on it, it would be very limited in what we would have to pay back. I’m hopeful that they can get that project off and running. There’s a lot of good things that it would meet for community needs.”

Young acknowledged that the project would serve a lot of unmet needs and the Board of Commissioners likes to see citizens take ownership of these projects.


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