Congratulations to the 2020 Class of Herman-Norcross High School.

Jeanne Putnam of Tintah, Minnesota will detail the history of the Orphan Train and how her mother, as a little girl, rode that train from New York to Minnesota in a presentation at the Herman Public Library 10 a.m. Saturday. Putnam told KMRS that many children were abandoned by their parents in the decades leading up to the Great Depression.

“Story has it that sometimes a parent just simply could not provide for their children,” said Putnam. “And so they had no choice but to just pretty much leave them on their own, and the parent just went on their own as well. It’s sad to think that there were so many people and so many children tha their parents couldn’t provide for them anymore. And the train ran for 75 years. It started in 1854 and ended in 1929.”

Putnam said she is eager to share the story as it is a chapter often neglected in history books and is a part of our national heritage.


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