Adam Erickson with Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Wet weather has led to delays for some with compliance of Minnesota’s buffer laws, but Adam Erickson with Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District told the KMRS Community Connection that his agency is here to work with the handful of non-compliant parcels in the county.

“We gave a number of extensions to the buffer law compliance and we will now here in December be working on the non-compliance notifications for the buffer law for those that haven’t brought their parcel into compliance yet,” said Erickson. “We’ll be getting a letter out to those folks and giving them some information what the steps are moving forward.”

Erickson said about 97-98 percent of the county is compliant, which he said was a good number and about average for other agricultural counties in the state. Those who have established a buffer on their own should notify the SWCD. Landowners who remain non-compliant with the buffer law will be sent to the county’s enforcement process. The SWCD will do compliance monitoring every three years.


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