Gerard Reid is founder of Alexa Capital LLC and advises companies around the world on energy and transportation issues. He was recently named a Fellow of the University of Minnesota. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

International expert on energy and transportation Gerard Reid told a Morris audience at Old #1 last Thursday that farmers will need to address the issues of a changing climate if they want to stay in business.

“I say to you, farmers who ignore climate change will go bankrupt,” Reid declared. “My farmers beside me don’t. They’re changing their methods, because they realize they’re getting too much sun, they’re getting not enough rain, they’re getting frost when they shouldn’t be getting them. And they all accept the climate has changed and they’re saying, How do we do it? And if you don’t begin to deal with it and think about it, then you will go bankrupt.”

Reid consults on these topics for major companies around the world and was recently named a Fellow at the University of Minnesota. He did say the good news is that many of these environmental issues can be solved.


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