Dr. Noel Collis has practiced internal medicine for 30 years and is a Republican candidate for Minnesota's 7th Congressional District seat.

A Republican candidate for Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District seat said he supports President Trump’s immigration policies and dismissed any allegation that they may be tinged with racism as a leftist charge. Dr. Noel Collis was in Morris this week and told the KMRS Community Connection that he supports a “time out” with regards to letting more refugees into the country, to give a chance for a better vetting procedure. Collis said this was “common sense.”

“‘Racism’ has become a charge that the Left uses because they don’t believe in free speech, they don’t believe in debate,” said Collis. “That’s a lot of the issues that are at stake. If we lose this election, we’re going to have terrible infringements upon things like the Second Amendment, religious liberties, abortion on live babies, health care that’s run by politicians. It will change the fundamental nature of this country and what we have to do is stand up for the values that made America great.”

Collis, who lives in Albany and is an internal medicine physician practicing in Hutchinson and west central Minnesota for three decades, said he would honor the primary process if he felt his candidacy was given a fair hearing at a public debate, something which has yet to be agreed to as of this date.


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