Morris City Manager Blaine Hill. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Although the new water treatment plant has only been operating for a few months, City Manager Blaine Hill told the Morris City Council at their meeting this week that they are already close to meeting its goals for chloride reduction. They have nearly a full year to reach their goals, and Hill said they will get there when residents discontinue using their old water softeners, replace them with an on-demand one and set those machines on the correct settings.

“Our rule in Morris is that you can only have an on-demand water softener if you want to keep one running,” said Hill. “You can’t have an old style one. Then you have to set it. We need to tell people what that setting is. Mine is set at 5. That’s what we talked about, is setting them at 5. In some cases, we’re a little bit less than that. So, the plant’s doing what it’s supposed to do to provide soft water.”

The City has already begun the process of getting rid of its water softeners at places such as the library, fire department and City Hall. Hill said there will be house-to-house inspections if needed down the road to check compliance, but he hoped this would not be necessary.


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