Cam Erickson is executive director of the Stevens County Historical Society and Museum. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

In advance of their annual bake sale, the Stevens County Historical Society and Museum is trying something new this year: a live auction and free will soup supper. Soup will be served from 5 to 6 p.m. Thursday at the museum, and Museum Director Cam Erickson told the KMRS Community Connection that people can get a taste of the County Fair at the event.

“So if folks enjoy the 4-H Food Stand vegetable beef soup, you can have some more of that this winter,” said Erickson. “Come on Thursday, ’cause that’s the soup we’re going to have, along with bread and desserts.”

The live auction will be held immediately after the Thursday dinner. Items to be auctioned include fresh meat bundles, themed baskets, dessert for a year, and a number of dinners prepared by local residents. Museum exhibits on the Chokio-Alberta football program and the Cabinets of Curiosity can be viewed beforehand.


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