Congratulations to the 2020 Class of Herman-Norcross High School.

Just before midnight Tuesday, the Pope County Sheriff’s Office learned via social media that a 10th grade student from Minnewaska Area Schools had made threats to harm students, staff and himself at the Minnewaska Area High School. Upon learning of this, law enforcement immediately began an investigation which resulted in the Juvenile’s arrest. The Juvenile is being held at a Juvenile detention center awaiting his first court appearance. At this time, there is no known danger to anyone at the Minnewaska Area Schools.

The Sheriff’s Office sent out a reminder that social media is NOT a replacement for contacting law enforcement when criminal activity is observed. All threats and potential crimes should be reported to the Sheriff’s Office at 320-634-5411 or 911. Do not assume that someone has notified law enforcement. The Sheriff said they watch social media, but cannot be on it 24/7.

Assisting the Sheriff’s Office were the Glenwood and Starbuck Police Departments.


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