Stevens County Recorder Nichole Mahoney. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Stevens County Recorder Nichole Mahoney offered her annual Year in Review report at this week’s meeting of the Stevens County Board of Commissioners. Her office has been incorporating new technologies in the past year, such as marketing an online records service. She also worked on back-indexing of documents, going back more than 40 years. She had gotten a quote of $100,000 from an outside company to do the work, but decided her staff could do it on their “down time” and save the money.

Mahoney also offered her goals for the upcoming year.

“We did have three Deed Books, which are in the ’30s, that are missing. Don’t know if they were images that were lost or if it never got completed,” said Mahoney. “But we have to make that a priority to get those done. So, we’re going to do that, as well as all of the Tract books have never been backed up. And if we lost the Tract book, then we have no guide to find the documents. So we need to do that, as well.”

She also hopes to reorganize the office space of the Recorder’s department to better suit customer needs.


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