Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese (left) hands the badge to Matt Solemsaas (center) as he takes the helm from Dave Dybdal (right) as the new Fire Chief for the Morris Fire Department. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Morris Fire Department will be getting a new chief as of January 1st. Matt Solemsaas will take the helm from long-time chief Dave Dybdal. Solemsaas accepted his badge at last night’s meeting of the Morris City Council. Dybdal said he has had a good run as fire chief.

“Yeah, it’s been really good. It’s all about surrounding yourself with people smarter than yourself to be successful,” said Dybdal. “The chief’s kind of the rutter of the boat, and you just want to make sure we’re going in the right direction. These guys, and Matt, share the same vision I have, so it’ll be a smooth transition.”

Dybdal said he would continue to work with the fire department as a “consultant.”


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