As if drunk driving weren’t bad enough, winter road conditions can compound problems. December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month and Toward Zero Deaths Program Coordinator for West Central Minnesota Katy Kressin told the KMRS Community Connection that reflexes get less fluid the more alcoholic fluid goes in.

“So, if you’re driving impaired your reaction times are slower,” said Kressin. “Well, when we have the icy roads and the conditions that aren’t ideal, we have different things that might happen. The ice might cause our car not to stop as fast. And when we’re impaired that just slows down our reaction time as well.”

Kressin said there will be 300 extra law enforcement  personnel on Minnesota roads this holiday season. She recommended planning a sober ride home before you leave for your holiday party, wearing your seat belts, and checking with MnDOT’s 511 system to check the latest road conditions.


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