The Morris City Council (before social distancing). (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Thanks to the efforts of the Tree Board, led by Sue Granger, the City of Morris received word this week that they were successful in their bid to get a State of Minnesota grant to plant 350 trees over the next three years. Morris City Council Member Kim Gullickson announced the award at Tuesday’s Council meeting.

“I mean, it’s super good. It’s a lot of money,” said Gullickson.

Gullickson, the Council and the mayor went on to praise the work of the Tree Board. The grant is worth over $16,000 to plant the trees, and also includes money for some educational efforts. Work was also put in by City Public Works Director Jim Ditbenner, who is also the City Forester. The grant is given by the state as a response to trees being destroyed by Emerald Ash Borer. A large percentage of trees in Morris are ash.


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