Morris School District Finance Manager Jeannie Maanum. (Pre-Covid Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Morris School District Finance Manager Jeannie Maanum gave a Truth in Taxation presentation at last night’s meeting of the Morris School Board. The proposed final levy for next year’s budget will be slightly decreasing.

“The Morris Area School’s levy went down .06 percent for a total decrease of $2,857.08,” said Maanum. “So, I’m asking and recommending that that will be our final approval tonight for the final levy for Fiscal Year 2020.”

That levy figure is $4,605,020.78 and the School Board did approve that levy at Monday’s meeting. Farmsteads will be seeing some financial relief in the next few years as the Ag2School bond credit currently at 50 percent is proposed to go to 70 percent by 2023, rising incrementally every year until then.


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