Morris Coop donated $5,000 to the Stevens County FFA Alumni for a re-design of their Kiddie Barn on the Stevens County Fairgrounds. The donation was matched by the Land-O-Lakes Foundation. Shown at the donation ceremony at the Morris Coop are (l to r) Teague Picht, Chelsea Ehlringer, Tom Holland, Morris Coop's Brian Kruize, Beth Erickson and Brady Koehl. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Brian Kruize of Morris Coop presented a $5,000 check to the Stevens County FFA Alumni to help support their project to upgrade the Kiddie Barn at the Stevens County Fairgrounds. FFA Adviser Nick Milbrandt explained that while plans are still being finalized, the project involves making a 40×80 foot shed with a 16 foot overhang. The Pork Producers will be in the front, and an additional vendor will occupy the back.

“We’re planning to insulate and heat it, so it can be used year-round,” said Milbrandt. “Our current building has permanent walls for all the barns and stuff. The new design, those will come off and go up in one corner. So it’ll be a wide open building for the most part, so it can be used for many different purposes throughout the year.”

Milbrandt said the new structure would be used for chapter activities, as it is often challenging to get space in the school gyms. The goal is to have the structure up by next August’s Fair. Kruize said that in addition to the Coop check, the Land-O-Lakes Foundation has contributed a $5,000 matching donation for the project. Applications will be made to two other organizations for matching funds as well.


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