Stevens County Sheriff Jason Dingman. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Stevens County Sheriff Jason Dingman proposed no changes to the 2020 fee schedule for his office to the Stevens County Board of Commissioners at their meeting on Tuesday. The board approved his fee schedule. But there was some discussion of the department’s Pay-to-Stay program, which charges $20 a day for occupying the jail. The commissioners asked Dingman if people actually pay the fee.

“We send bills and some of them pay, some don’t,” said Dingman. “The ones that don’t pay we haven’t really sent to collections or anything like that. There’s a revenue recapture process that could be set up through, I believe, HRA (Housing Redevelopment Authority). We looked into that, we just haven’t done it. It seems to be a lot of extra work.”

Dingman said he has been hesitant to create a revolving door situation, where people are let out of prison and then have to be picked up again for not paying their jail fees.


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