District Finance Director Jeannie Maanum gives her Finance 101 presentation to the Morris School Board. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

During Monday’s annual organizational meeting of the Morris School Board, School District Finance Director Jeannie Maanum gave her Finance 101 presentation to the board. She explained the basics of the District’s funds and how they are set up, and how everything gets tied in with the budget. During her presentation, one of her pages showed some large numbers related to special education expenses.

“This $770,000 is what our school district has to cover for expenses in Special Ed, because the funding isn’t there to help cover the costs that we have to pay,” said Maanum. “That’s a lot of money for our school district to have to carry.”

Superintendent Troy Ferguson added his hope that state political leaders would see the need to increase funding for special education.

“That’s one (for) those of you that have asked, ‘What would we tell legislators, what would help us the most?’ If you could pick one — that’s it.”

Maanum gives her financial basics presentation to the board once a year.


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