Stevens County Commissioner Bob Kopitzke.

(County Approves Donlar for CMAR) 01/10

Chair of the Stevens County Board of Commissioners Bob Kopitzke told the KMRS Community Connection that the Building Facilities Committee interviewed five different and reputable companies to help the County manage the building process for the upcoming highway facility project. At this Tuesday’s regular meeting, the Board of Commissioners granted their approval for a company from the St. Cloud area.

“We decided on Donlar from Waite Park. They’re called construction managers,” Kopitzke explained. “Their job is to help us select an engineer, select an architect, and then as the project moves on to keep it on schedule. And Donlar also has a lot of tradespeople so they’ll probably be involved with some of the actual building of it. But they’re a very reputable company from Waite Park. They’ve done huge jobs in the metro area, and they also step out in the rural area.”

Donlar will be getting $270,000 for the work, which includes a $25,000 preconstruction fee and a Construction Manager at Risk fee of 3 percent. Kopitzke said no timeline for the project has been set yet, but things should come together quickly once Donlar gets going. The goal is to get the foundation set for the new building before next winter. The structure is expected to cost between $2.7 and $3.5 million.


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