Wet and cold sums up the weather for 2019, as researchers at the West Central Research and Outreach Center in Morris released their annual weather summary for the past year. The average annual temperature for 2019 was 39.6°F. This ranks as the 12th lowest average annual temperature recorded in 134 years.

The year started with five months of below normal temperatures. Nine months were below average and three were slightly above average.

A total of 34.94 inches of precipitation fell in 2019 which is 10.56 inches above the average of 24.38. This amount beat the last record set in 1984.

Harvest was difficult due to wet soil conditions. During the growing season of 2019 from April to September, 27.65 inches of rain was recorded. The average is 18.36 inches. For the calendar year, 61.0 inches of snow fell. For the winter of 2018-2019, 64.6 inches of snow fell.

The complete 2019 weather summary can be found on the WCROC’s web page by searching for weather data.


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