Caitlin Christenson of the Complete Count Committee. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

With the 2020 Census already kicking off in Alaska, the Stevens County Complete Count Committee is gearing up for its once-every-decade headcount. People living in group homes and college dormitories will begin being counted in February in the county, with most residents expected to receive their first mailing by March 12. Complete Count Committee Chair Caitlin Christenson told the KMRS Community Connection that the form is pretty short and can be done online for the first time in Census history.

“It’s what they call a short form. So it’s only nine questions for the first person, then seven questions for the next person,” Christenson explained. “And it’s just duplicated after that for however many people you have in your household. So it should probably take 30 minutes tops. If you’re a single person, it’s going to take you probably five minutes.”

The questions ask how many people are living in the household, gender, age and race of the individuals, information which is gathered for statistical purposes. Individual names on the forms are not publicly released for 70 years after the Census, and none of the information is allowed to be shared with any other federal agency, including law enforcement. Help Days will be offered in March at the Morris Public Library and the Hancock Community Center. Spanish versions of the Census will also be available at the Stevens County Courthouse.


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