The Morris City Council (before social distancing). (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Morris City Council, City Manager Blaine Hill said that he has been approached by officials from U of M Morris, Morris Area Schools and Morris Area Community Education about the City’s potential involvement in a new softball field project proposed on the campus grounds. The current softball field area at the U would be redone to develop competition level fields for college and high school softball. A presentation will be made to the City Council in the coming weeks, so Hill did not elaborate on the project. The Morris Park Board recently met and reviewed the plans for the softball complex. Hill noted they thought it was a good idea. The City would need to figure out where its share of any funding would come from.

A letter to Morris residents about the new water plant and how it affects water softener systems is being mailed out this week. Water softener companies don’t believe the city is softening water because it doesn’t meet their definition of one grain of hardness in the water. But Hill said the letter will simply present facts to the public. He previously stated his belief that getting the water from its prior 45 grains of hardness down to its current 5 grains of hardness is indeed softening the water.

Council Member Jeff Miller was re-elected as Mayor Pro Tem. He was also re-elected as President of the Economic Development Authority. Council Member Brian Solvie was re-elected as Vice President of the EDA. The Stevens County Times was approved as the official newspaper for City notices.

While the Council adopted Standing Rules similar to last year, there was agreement that next year’s Standing Rules should include standards for email discussions between Council members.

The Council also approved a liquor license and dance permit for the Best Northland Hotel, now operating as the Morris Grand Hotel.

The City approved a $400 donation to the Police Department from the West Central Christian Homes Board. Morris Police Chief Reggie Welle told the Council that he would like to use the funds to finalize improvements to their County Fair booth.


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