Caitlin Christenson of the Complete Count Committee. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

This time 10 years ago, enrollment at the University of Minnesota Morris was roughly 200 students more than today. There is some concern among Census officials that the drop in population calculated from the once-every-decade national headcount could lead to less funding for County services. Caitlin Christenson is with the Complete Count Committee and told the KMRS Community Connection that much government funding is tied to an area’s population.

“With a drop like that, you can see and feel probably less funding for our area, too, which is going to be bad for our community since a lot of this is funding our schools and our roads and our emergency services,” said Christenson.

Especially challenging will be getting an accurate count of the County’s Spanish-speaking population, many of whom she said have a lot of fear of the government and a lot of misunderstanding of what the government will do with the data. Official Census counting for residents of college dormitories will begin in February. Most other residents should receive a mailing by March 12 with instructions on how to fill out the Census online.


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