Caitlin Christenson of the Complete Count Committee. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

U.S. Census officials have to battle a lot of misinformation to get their once-every-decade national headcount. It’s no different in Stevens County, as Caitlin Christenson of the local Complete Count Committee explained on the KMRS Community Connection. Incorrect rumors persist, she said, about the Census Bureau allegedly outsourcing work to other countries.

“All of this is staffed by people in the U.S., ’cause I know there’s been a lot of confusion, too,” said Christenson. Some sources “say it’s being outsourced and all this other stuff, when it’s not. It’s all being employed by people in the U.S. If you call in, you’re going to get an actual person when you’re talking.”

Information gathered on the short Census form is for statistical purposes only, said Christenson. Any names given are not publicly released for 70 years after the Census is taken. And Census information is not allowed to be shared with other federal agencies, including the IRS, Homeland Security or the INS.


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