The top three spellers in the Morris School District 2020 Spelling Bee were (left) 3rd Place Winner Lillian Zeltwanger, 2nd Place Winner Anna Jordan, and 1st Place winner Isaac Hoffman. All three are 8th Graders at Morris Area High School. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)
The 19 participants in the 2019-2020 Morris School District Spelling Bee:
1st Row (Left to Right): Wesley Richards, Lillian Hanson, Belle Morris, Brenton Schmidgall, Leo Demetriou
2nd Row (Left to Right): Rylie Enoch, Dylan Rethamel, Jennie Odello, Kate Velde, Nora Young
3rd Row (Left to Right): Kirstin Zaske, Kassandra Knutson-Woodke, Zach Dietz, Brian Cummings, Mauricio Obregon
4th Row (Left to Right): Lillian Zeltwanger, Mason Diekmann, Anna Jordan, Isaac Hoffman
(Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

“Gallium. G-a-l-l-i-u-m. Gallium.”

“That’s correct.”  (Cheers and clapping)

With that correct spelling of “gallium,” Morris Area High School 8th Grader Isaac Hoffman won the District Spelling Bee yesterday in the Elementary School’s Concert Hall. Hoffman went one-on-one with defending spelling champion and fellow 8th grader Anna Jordan for an incredible 15 rounds before finalizing his victory. Coming in 3rd Place and completing the 8th Grade Trifecta was Lillian Zeltwanger.

Hoffman will represent the District in the Regional Spelling Bee in February in Fergus Falls.


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