Stevens County Assessor Craig Swanson. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At their regular meeting on Tuesday, the Stevens County Board of Commissioners approved an agreement that would allow County Assessor Craig Swanson to work as an assessor for the City of Donnelly. Chair of the Commissioners Board Bob Kopitzke told the KMRS Community Connection that increased regulations are making it more difficult for small towns to hire their own assessors.

“They’ve changed the accreditation laws for assessors. They made it much more difficult to become an assessor, (with) very costly schooling,” said Kopitzke. “Smaller cities like Donnelly, they’re more than happy to draw up a contract with us and let us charge them for it versus going out trying to hire an assessor, making sure they’re licensed properly, maybe have to send them to schooling for thousands of dollars. Wee were happy to give them a price for the assessing of the City of Donnelly.”

The agreement is for five years, will increase 5 percent annually and will utilize staff currently in the Assessor’s office.


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