Matt Solemsaas of the Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District is also Morris Fire Chief. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

After a number of inquiries from the public, Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District will soon start selling rain barrels. The agency’s Matt Solemsaas told the KMRS Community Connection that the barrels hook up to downspouts on a house and when it rains, the barrel fills with rainwater. Solemsaas said a half inch of rain will fill a 50 gallon barrel quickly. Homeowners may need more than one barrel, noted Solemsaas.

“We’re ordering some in that are pretty nice looking. They’re designed to kind of set up against your house. They have a flat back. They have all the hardware with them,” said Solemsaas. “We’re going to do a handout with rain barrels as well. So, look for an order form. We’ll probably have them on our website in the next month, if it’s something you’re interested in. I don’t have a cost yet, but we’ve priced them out and buying the nice rain barrels is about the same as building your own rain barrel without all the hassle. So, that’s something that we’re going to have to offer this spring.”

Solemsaas said they are more aesthetically pleasing than the blue barrels often used by government agencies. They come with an overflow backup system.


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