University of Minnesota Morris Vice Chancellor for Finance and Facilities Bryan Herrmann presented the plan for the softball complex to the School Board. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

While he has made his pitch to the Morris School District and the City of Morris to become equal partners with the University of Minnesota Morris in developing a proposed softball complex on the U’s campus, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Facilities Bryan Herrmann told the KMRS Community Connection that he has been pleased with the reaction to the project so far. The School Board signed on as partners at their last meeting, and the City Council will continue to discuss the issue but was generally favorable to the project at their last meeting.

“We’ve worked together on joint projects in the past,” said Herrmann. “The benefit of it is, I think, the value that’s given to the community and to the university, to the school district, are really great. By working together, we’re able to be able to do these projects that makes Morris an attractive place to host a tournament, to have people come and see the connection and resources that the community does when they pull together.”

Herrmann said the proposal will greatly improve the safety all around for players, coaches and spectators, and will also include the building of real bathrooms. Herrmann said the facility would be unique in that it will be designed to be used by everyone from Elementary grades through senior year of college. He also said he was hopeful that once all parties are signed on as partners, public fundraising would help bring some of the projected costs down.


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