Stevens County Commissioner Bob Kopitzke.

Stevens County Geographic Information Specialist Caitlin Christianson recently completed an extensive reworking of the county’s plat books, which are used for real estate transactions and other mapping uses. She presented the books to the Stevens County Board of Commissioners at their regular meeting this week, and the Chair of the Board Bob Kopitzke told the KMRS Community Connection that she did a wonderful job on a difficult but important project.

“We had a company doing our books and they weren’t accurate at all. They were bulky and not put together so it was friendly for reading,” said Kopoitzke. “So Caitlin said, I think I can do that project, and so she took that project on with help from the Auditor/Treasurer’s office and the Assessor’s office, and she came up with a new plat book that’s very easy to read, and more accurate.”

Furthermore, the previous plat books were being sold to the public for $35, but the new ones can be sold for $20. The information from the plat books will also be made available online on the Stevens County website.


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