Stevens County Commissioner Bob Kopitzke.

After their regular meeting on Tuesday, the Stevens County Board of Commissioners took a tour of the Riverview Dairy facility. Chair of the Board Bob Kopitzke told the KMRS Community Connection that one of the highlights of the tour was sitting down for lunch with some of the operation’s Mexican workers who have made a home in the county.

“One of the questions that was asked of the Mexicans was if they felt like they’ve been accepted into Stevens County as a community. Happy to report that they were very, very pleased with how they are accepted here,” said Kopitzke. “They feel very safe, some have families, they love the schools. Another gentleman is bringing his wife here next summer and he can’t wait for her to be here. They add a lot to our community and I’m pleased to say that they feel accepted.”

The tour was part of an effort by the Commissioners to gain a better understanding of what goes on in the county. Next up, a tour of the newly-renovated DAC facility in Morris.


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