Morris Police Chief Reggie Welle. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Since the beginning of the year, the Morris Police Department’s School Resource Officer (SRO) has been spending a more frequent amount of time on the school grounds, according to Police Chief Reggie Welle. The department had tried a schedule in the fall that had the resource officer full time at the school one week and part time on an alternating week as she attended to possible community needs. But Welle told KMRS that the SRO plays an important role.

“There absolutely is still a need for an SRO up there,” said Welle. “Talking to our current SRO, looking to the future, there is good utilization of that officer being up there that’s used outside the school, also. That’s still a topic that I’m going to look at moving forward to provide the greatest amount of service to the school and the community as a whole.”

In the future, Welle said he is still looking at options for how to schedule the officer. It will be more than part time, but Welle said he is not stuck on it being full time at the school, either.


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