Thrifty White in Morris. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Reflecting an uptick in flu cases in the area – and also dealing with their own internal shipping and supply issues – the Thrifty White Pharmacy in Morris found themselves having to ration the Tamiflu medication to patients earlier this week. That means patients were only given a one-day supply of the flu-fighting medicine until another shipment arrived. Thrifty White pharmacist John Schmidgall explained to KMRS that they are not Amazon and can’t get everything they’d like right away.

“If we get to a point where we can’t fulfill everyone’s needs, we ration it so that we get everyone taken care of, but then not make someone be without the drug,” said Schmidgall.

A new shipment of Tamiflu did arrive on Wednesday to Thrifty White, and Schmidgall said they should be able to keep up with patient demands for the drug for the time being.


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