Plans for renovations to the Morris Airport, as designed by TKDA and presented at an open house in February, 2019. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Morris City Council approved a resolution at their meeting this week authorizing an Airport Conditional Use Permit Application, part of the process for the runway extension project at the Morris airport. City Manager Blaine Hill explained on the KMRS Community Connection program that the procedure is an FAA requirement.

“Right now, the Environmental Assessment that was done has been published and it’s in open comment period,” said Hill. “And once that’s done, the federal government will review it and then they’ll approve it or dis(ap)prove it. If they approve it, then we go on to the next step, which would be this Conditional Use Permit, and we’re going to rehire an engineer, hire an engineer. We have to do that every five years with airport funding.”

The next step for the airport project will be obtaining a grant to do the acquisition of the many minor land pieces the city needs and the design work on the runway.


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