Morris School Board members Kurt Wulf (l) and Jennifer Goodnough (r) (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Last week’s meeting of the Morris School Board featured a lengthy debate about the school calendar. Planning for the calendar has now gone to a two year cycle, instead of the annual review. Next year’s school year has a later start due to a September 7th Labor Day, and the Elementary teachers were pushing for replacing the monthly “Late Start” Wednesdays to “Early Out” days instead. Part of the discussion centered on whether a full one week spring break should be added to the calendar. Superintendent Troy Ferguson said his experience suggested parents who want to go on a vacation will take whatever days off they want. But board member Mike Odello disagreed.

“I do think that families plan ahead and would rather plan their vacation when there is no school,” argued Odello.

Jennifer Goodnough was concerned that the last day of school on this calendar was the day after Memorial Day and wondered if days could be juggled to eliminate having students return to school for just one day that week.

“When we have just this single day, it actually feels like two last days because that Friday is going to feel like a last day, and then we have another last day,” said Goodnough. “Like, I don’t disagree that there’s value in a last day. But I feel like with this structure we almost have two last days…even if we don’t.”

In the end, the board accepted the recommendations of the Calendar Committee — which consisted of district teachers, administrators and other stakeholders — and approved it as proposed.


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