Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

A resolution focusing on local control requested to be passed by the Minnesota School Boards Association to help their lobbying efforts at the State Capitol was narrowly defeated last week by the Morris School Board. Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson told the KMRS Community Connection that the MSBA had been asking all school boards in the state to pass the resolution, but some on the Morris board had trouble with the way the resolution was worded.
“In the end, it was a 4-3 vote to not support that resolution as MSBA authored it,” Ferguson explained. “They all voiced their concern for local control, and their support of local control. For some of our board members, it was perhaps a little bit more broad than they would have liked it to be.”

Board member Doug Stahman, for example, voted against the resolution but indicated he would likely support it if more details were provided to him.


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